Dgitup is a consultative firm and creative digital agency with a focus on startups and small/medium business, specializing in online positioning and branding, through modern websites, e-business, e-commerce and web applications.

We Care

Bespoke Advisor

We are a committed team helps SMEs and NGOs quickly build up robust and cost effective websites by exploring alternative ways with ensured quality.
One Stop Shop

We understand your business and provide an integrated solution from concept to design, development, multimedia, copywriting, graphic design, SEO and maintenance.
Social Responsibility

Part of the profit will be given back to the community. Clients who work with us are part of the social cause through e-ducare, and they can build up their social trust image.

Our Approach

We follow our methodology to bring our client from the start to the end of the project.
Our project has an end, our relationship continues.

The First and the crucial step at Dgitup: listening to client’s goal. This is done through our discovery methodology and brainstorming with client’s stakeholders in order to identify the right solution.


Once all the requirements are clear, we are ready to explore alternatives and analyze the best way to deliver the right solution. Estimate what resources, timeframe and budget are required.


We prepare a detailed proposal specifying every aspects of the project including technical and economical details We are proud to commit on delivering within the budget and time frame agreed.


A Project Manager is assigned and our team will work together with clients stakeholders to create a design concept that incorporates all the desired elements. Understanding the current and potential users and how to deliver the best User Experience.


At the end of the designing process, the development team will be engaged and using the best practices principles will convert the design into a functional website, including Search Engine Optimisation and content migration.

Refine & Deliver

Prior to move the website in the production, several test will be carried: from Quality Tests to User Acceptance Tests. In the go-live phase we will provide training on CMS to identified users and all the documentation will be handed over.

Maintain & Update

At Dgitup we provide also an ongoing support from training and ramp up the internal users, as well as to keep the website secured, maintained and up to date, proactively and with peace of mind of clients.